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“Peering at the sky, he noticed an unusually bright crescent moon flanked by two red orange lights that seemed like big stars. Suddenly the “stars” started moving in a strange way.  The erratic movement was unlike any made by shooting stars, comets or aircraft.  Startled, Tony cried, “Ma, UFO!”  Out rushed Tony and his mother.  Soon they were joined by their neighbors at Camella Homes IV, watching in amazement as the two blips of light were joined by two others that flew in formation for a while.  One came closer, spinning like a disc. Tony caught 30 minutes of this show on his 1998 Sony Handycam 220x (magnification 0-Lux with night shot).  Since then he has been trying to find out what it was exactly that he had captured on video” (Ana Marie Pamintuan, Executive Editor, The Philippine Star).

TONY Israel is convinced they’re out there.  Israel of course is the by-now famous person who took a video footage of unidentified flying objects hovering in Philippine skies.  The UFOs, Israel says, took the form of lights that came from behind the moon and moved erratically, though they finally conjoined in an “L” formation.  He would learn later from the Internet, says Israel, that that was the normal flying pattern of abnormal flying objects (Conrado de Quiros, Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer).


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