The Matrix I

I’m not an avid moviegoer. I have had a few favorite movies in the past, but if I have to put them in some order of preference, I could say that choosing which one to put on top would greatly have to do with my present and personal perspectives relative to age or maturity. Batman and Popeye could no longer be my top choices anymore as they used to when I was still a child.

At my age and as I have gone through a different life stages, thinking about certain life mysteries became a hobby. Concerning our very existence, I could relate much of the questions I have, as well as the personal theories and hypotheses I developed, with the movie “The Matrix.”

Persistently I’ve asked: “Are we real? Do we really exist in a supposed 3D world just as same as how we were formerly instructed?” Or, “are we part of a grandeur design, a player of sort in a world of make-believe, a virtual and simulated reality?”

To me, The Matrix I, starred by Keanu Reeves (aka Neo) was far more than entertainment. It presented a speck of truth which I wanted to believe. Till now, a suspicion hangs in my thoughts that its creators – the Wachowski Brothers might have bumped into some sacred doctrine. Secret, that it cannot be disclosed upfront but shared to humanity in the form of a fictional movie, also serving as a wake-up call.

At present, some modern physicists argue on the nature of our existence based on the simulated reality theory or simply, the matrix theory. To follow the development of debates and presentation of arguments relative to this theory is mentally stimulating which extends forward through and beyond just the message of that movie. Anchored on the Matrix, the film projects an enduring relevance and inspiration to all those wishing to venture into testing this theory.


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