Like-minded and anti-RH bill fellowmen, let us show in our able-way how we value life by sharing this photo freely through your social media accounts and/or, printing and posting it where possible. Let us act in concert AGAINST deplorable acts by some lawmakers and advocates of depopulation. The RH bill has negative and deeper (yet unseen implications) far greater than the superficial benefits they preach to us.

Politicians, we have enough of your hidden agenda. For how long people must be treated as statistics? Deal with people, not statistics. Resist evil, oppose the RH bill.

RH Bill more deadly to the Filipino family climate


RH BIll Makes Sex More Fun in the Philippines. It is a House Bill that promotes sexual perversion through safe and irresponsible sexual acts.

RH BIll Makes Sex More Fun in the Philippines, it is the Bill that promotes sexual perversion.

RH BILL SEC. 16 Could Steal Your Child’s Innocence. Would a parent want to deprive his/her child of innocence at a period when it’s one of the most memorable for an adult, while godless legislators supporting this bill dare call that responsible parenthood?

Sec. 16 of the RH Bill Could Steal Your Child's Sweet Innocence

Sec. 16 of the RH Bill Could Steal Your Child’s Sweet Innocence


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