Save us from the fires of hell. Breed Mr. President.

MANILA, Philippines – February 14, 2011 – Modern thinkers may no longer see the dismal consequences this country could face by having an unmarried and childless president.

Still, many may argue that any unnatural condition attached to the head of state such as voluntary childlessness is never important. To them, nothing is more vital than determined and competent leadership. Thereby anything else that is personal or outside the functional quadrant of the Pres. Aquino’s affairs is irrelevant. Let alone, none of such matters related to his single or “uncommitted” status should be considered a setback.

For Servant Israel, he is aware that from the modern world context, the marital status is of no prime importance. Neither it should be used as an indicator of success or failure. But in spite, Israel is starting a personal campaign that will urge Pres. Aquino to get a wife who will bear him a child. So what’s the rationale?

In a phone interview, Israel expressed his fears of grand scale calamities befalling the nation because the head of state is practically defying a Divine Law.

He said, “P-Noy should know that childlessness is inauspicious for the country let alone, deliberate childlessness. And whatever heavenly consequences are meted for such a defiance, we Filipinos are also bound to suffer the consequences because he is our leader. I won’t bother reminding him had he not been elected to the highest position of the land.”

Israel also quoted a few verses to illustrate that the Bible is against childlessness by saying: “If what this prophecy says is true, what grace from God can we expect from our leader P-Noy? This is what the LORD says in Jer. 22:30 (NIV): ‘Record this man as if childless, a man who will not prosper in his lifetime, for none of his offspring will prosper, none will sit on the throne of David or rule anymore in Judah.’

From the above, it’s clear that the Scripture points to children as a divine gift and barrenness a curse. Worse, deliberate childlessness is surely a defiance, a revolt against God’s design.

The Servant is dismayed: “It is detestable to imagine that P-Noy could be guilty of this. Therefore, he should reform and breed for I see great disasters coming to this country unless he heeds now.”

Servant Israel further cited the devastation in Australia as example. He said, “the recent flooding in Queensland was the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history. Julia Gillard as Noy Aquino is childless, unmarried. I believe P-Noy’s greatest nemesis is the wrath of nature. Count the calamities that have befallen RP. Too many in just months after assuming office. In the last Presidential elections, I prayed, “God, don’t give me a bad president again.” Indeed He granted. But this time, my president has the potential of becoming the worst president ever unless P-Noy lifts the curse of being childless.


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