Servant Israel Narrates Divine Encounters

ILOILO, Philippines – December 6, 2010 – In today’s terms, the heavenly specters witnessed by Antonio “Tony” Israel – a man from the Far East, were classifiable as close UFO encounters of the third to fourth kind. And parallel to but archaic was Ezekiel’ visions of God.

Yet there’s a difference. Israel has some images to back his claims and none of these were made by human hands but through the works of some unknown beings encompassing time travel or quantum theories. He acquired these visual materials through enigmatic circumstances ten years ago (2000 and 2001) and dealt since in discerning its meaning, notwithstanding his role and purpose of this whole affair.

In providing some background on how he arrived at assuming that the descriptions of the Suffering Servant fitted him, Israel stressed: “the idea didn’t come from me. I was introduced to it. Yet I didn’t yield to it at any previous instance without obtaining anything more than the inaugural UFO footages I got, to substantiate a claim which was not originally mine.”

“It took the divine celestial workers to display glorious splendors even more and almost ten years of personal search to understand. I sacrificed and toiled to obtain the reason and wisdom I needed. And today, I boldly say, the man who opened my eyes to walk this way could be right all along. Henceforth, I’m taking the role.”

In providing some background on how he arrived at assuming that the descriptions of the Suffering Servant fitted him, he wrote:

The Inaugural Sighting

This whole affair began on September 3, 2000, Sunday, around 7:00pm. It was the first day of the week starting the UN Millennium Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York.

I saw two flare-like objects emerging from both sides of the moon – one appeared from the left and the other from the right. The scarlet-reddish color both objects were emitting affected the lunar shade as if the moon was bleeding. The moon gradually restored its usual color as the two objects moved farther away.

(Please note: The sight of which seemingly matched what in Joel 2:31 says: “The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.”)

I could still reckon how these two objects traversed the skies at great speed. To my estimate, it took them not more than 10 minutes to cross and pass above me. And I counted not less than 12 UFOs traveling at similar pace (in squadron formation) while some of my neighbors said that the number was even more.

The fleeting display gave me an eerie feeling while filming. And quickly, this impression developed in my mind. Since most world leaders and their entourage were preparing for the gathering of world leaders at the UN – opening September 7th, it seemed likely to me that the ET counterparts were also attending an important intergalactic gathering parallel to the earthly/global version of the UN Millennium Summit.

The last of these objects passed above around 8:20pm. After covering the event, I started to feel uneasy. I lost my appetite for dinner (9:00pm) and consumed just a third of my regular portion. The general feeling was sulfuric, nauseaic and hot. Thinking I must have been exposed to something radioactive, the body heat stayed on for almost three weeks. A police officer named Tony Vergara couldn’t bear my hot palms laid flat his back. In as little as two minutes, he asked me to take my hands off and said: “stop, I got enough of your alien energy already.”

Strange Visitor

On January 1, 2001, a stranger who introduced himself as Dr. Jimmy Javier came to my house and expressed his purpose for seeing me. He showed an array of neatly-clipped articles from a broadsheet regarding the UFO sighting incident that I got involved with. He asked me several times if my surname was indeed Israel and I would say yes every time.

And he told me, “I came, though you know me not previously, to tell you this UFO sighting and recordings you got were impeccable signs assuring us that God will fulfill His promise very soon. And that UFO experience of yours was created solely for you, Mr. Antonio Israel. Your surname Israel is well attested in Isaiah.”

And he continued saying, “your first name Antonio sounds ‘unto new’ and nickname Tony means ‘modernized’ so, if we put that together, we have “unto new” and “tony” Israel. Please don’t think I’m crazy but this I tell you, I was sent by God to explain to you your role. And that’s my mission. After this, I turn the key over to you.”

So moments later, he unloaded a bagful of bibles of different versions, started preaching and citing salient biblical verses to support a conjecture. Face-to-face, Dr. Javier unleashed his depth of knowledge and introduced this theory suggesting that I am the Servant Israel being referred to in the Book of Isaiah. But I understood nothing about any Servant Israel or any key. All the while, the biblical Israel I knew pertained to the chosen people, now a nation.

After three consecutive visits, I excused on the fourth. Perhaps sensing my waning interest, he did not come back for a fifth. Admittedly, I was amazed by such possibility but I had my own reservations. Besides, I needed logical validations other than what the Bible says. Still, how could I accept or reject any of the points he raised out of my unknowingness. So I recollected in my thoughts the verses he patiently pitched and started digging for answers in the Bible.

Symbolic Images: ET Manipulated?

Dr. Javier’s eye-opener coincided the time when I was on the early stages of fleshing-out images of ETs popping and merging into selected scenes of video recordings dating back and prior to September 3, 2000 – my first UFO encounter. The mysteriously-generated images blended well with the original scenes as if the ETs were there when the shots were taken.

I suspected that the streak of light from a UFO which hit the lens of my camera was a deliberate act to superimpose images containing messages of some messianic or prophetic importance.

Indeed, Dr. Javier must have been urged by some unseen force to provide me guidance because he showed up at a time when I was too desperate for guidance. Nobody could offer any help. Even the renowned foreign UFO experts I consulted via the Internet (circa 2000-2001) would not know how to deal with the images. The best result I got was from Dr. Jaime Licauco – guru of Philippine paranormal studies, whom I visited and said: “nobody can help you interpret those pictures except yourself.”

Two weeks of work – between researching and converting videos to photos, I began collecting these pictures of ET-origin. And a few of these would correspond with certain descriptions found in the Book of Prophets and in the Revelations.

And from that juncture, Dr. Javier had succeeded in leading me where to start digging for correlations and probable connections. But insofar as the “Servant” aspect, not yet – for I was blind and couldn’t see the connection. However, the idea persisted in my thoughts.

To date, there are many more images left for discernment but I am quite comfortable with the possible meanings that I’ve deducted for each based on my humble assumptions. Yet there’s one peculiar image that from the very beginning has enchanted me. And there’s no riddance of its visual renderings in my head, urging me not to rest until I get the symbolic meaning albeit, the identity of the face of a non-human being in the portrait.

Second Nighttime Encounter

Twenty days after Dr. Javier’s first visit, I had my second UFO encounter on January 21st. As with the first, this incident occurred shortly past 7:00pm on a Sunday and also had a corresponding significance, for that date marked the first day in office of two presidents – George W. Bush and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The latter’s inauguration was unprecedented because elected Philippine presidents would assume office on June 30, unless otherwise replaced or ousted.

What happened in 2001 was, Vice-President Arroyo replaced the deposed President Estrada and was sworn-in as the new Philippine president on the same date as Bush assumed office on January 20, my birthday. Looking back, the deposed Estrada could have prevented the events from deteriorating further to his downfall. But history has it, events rolled as if Estrada seemed to just have allowed things to go wrong. Why? I don’t know.

In the later years, I would guess that Arroyo was perhaps vested with the intention of representing the moon while Bush, the sun. And to produce some form of mystical marriage, both took their oaths on the same day. It symbolically suggests that when the other leader is asleep, the other is awake to maintain world order for 24 hours at 12-hour duty intervals – considering further that the Philippines and Washington are 12 hours apart. There must have been some kind of ‘magickal’ intervention which made this ‘tandem-inaugural’ to happen.

From the second sighting however, I did not catch any somatic discomfort. Yet, that’s just one difference compared with the first.

The above incident occurred in the Visayas and not in Luzon. I was not inland but onboard a ship vessel en route to Manila from Iloilo when I encountered a lone star-like object. The light was not red orange or scarlet red as with the first, but the color was shiny silver that could be mistaken as Venus at an altitude obviously lower than any star. It swayed majestically above the sea.

And I thought it was Venus when I first spotted it. But my heart thumped telling me it was not. So I aimed my camera at the bright object. Then the light toned down, allowing me to capture a finer definition and indeed it was a dome-shaped vessel. It resembled a cylindrical pagoda or temple having layers above and below the mid-section where an opening could be seen. The video also showed images of living creatures on-board. Then it shimmered back to its glittering state until I lost track of the object when the sailing ship veered to follow its course.

First Daytime Encounter

At exactly 12:05pm Philippine Standard Time – April 9, 2001, a stunning light in midday summertime triggered a personal hunch that “they” are out there asking me to roll the videocam and so I took a few minutes worth of shots. This phenomenal apparition came into view as a bright light that appeared from an estimated aerial distance of not more than 3 kilometers across my bedroom window.

From a distance, it could be ignored and thought of as the sunlight bouncing-off from a huge mirror. The UFO occasionally vibrates with intense whiteness, and the glare has intermittently defeated my focus on the subject, and certain exposure adjustments were necessary.

A good friend of mine – Dieter Bosh from Belgium was amazed when he saw the above footage from last week’s update. In a frantic note he said, “Tony, this is too much. What you have caught on video is a Pleiadian Vessel.”

He added: “similar crafts of these type appeared during the Mexican Wave in the late 90’s. They came from the seven Pleiades and seemed to me that they are of Lyrans-Vegans in origin. They leave because of the ORION-SIRIUS wars. They come around for peace, and to establish contacts and to confederate with other interstellar peacemakers.

Left photo (No. 1) was derived from the sighting footage, while the other (No. 2 to your right) was obtained through “image-inserts.” One may ask – where does the similarity lies? (Take note of the encircled numbers and match it closely from one another).

The actual footage revealed that the craft was at a steady state, while the other showed the craft steered by the same entity (encircled as No. 2); in an apparent “hot-pursuit” mode. Ergo, it is safe to presume allegorically at the least, that craft-transformations do occur and their appearance varies in strict accordance with their traversal-pace.

Another friend of mine, this time from Romania asked, “Tony, I don’t understand. ET’s are known to be technologically advanced, but why would the “Commander” choose to stay outside the craft while he can comfortably sit inside and steer the craft behind an illustrious control panel?”

And my response was: “I certainly cannot offer a concrete answer, but we must remember that we are dealing with ETs and not with an airline pilot. True indeed they are eons away compared from what we have achieved technologically, and this could be the main reason why the Commander can sustain all velocity pressures without the risks of ripping his head off. Besides, the best way to steer a chariot is to rein the horses from the outside, is it not?”

The Divine Chariot and the “Shekina”
(To Be Continued)

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