Antonio Israel Asserts Role as Servant Israel: Readies to Unveil the God of Israel to the Nations


ILOILO, Philippines – November 21, 2010 – In today’s terms, the heavenly specters witnessed by Antonio “Tony” Israel – a man from the Far East, could be classifiable as close UFO/ET encounters of the third to the fifth kind. And parallel to but archaic was Ezekiel’s visions of God.

However, there’s this difference. Israel has some unearthly images to back his contentions. He claimed that none of these were made by human hands but through the works of some unknown beings encompassing time travel or quantum theories. He also told he acquired these visual materials through enigmatic circumstances ten years ago (2000 and 2001) and dealt since in discerning its meaning, notwithstanding his role and the purpose of this whole affair.

In providing some background on how he arrived at believing that the descriptions given to the Suffering Servant in Isaiah have matched his past and present experiences, this he explained: “the idea didn’t come from me. I was introduced to it by a man whom I did not know previously. But I didn’t yield to it at any previous instance without obtaining anything more than the inaugural UFO footages I got.”

He added: “people find me hard to convince. That’s why it probably took the divine workers extraordinary efforts to display my God’s glorious splendors to me even more. Still, those were not enough to make me declare something I knew nothing about. So I suffered and toiled for ten years to obtain the knowledge, reason and wisdom I needed to substantiate a claim which was not originally mine.”

Having some veritable clues today, Servant Israel boldly declared: “I now believe that the strange man who opened my eyes to walk this way could be right all along. I won’t be bothered by what people might say. All I care about is how to accomplish my tasks for my God. And I’m therefore assuming the role of the Suffering Servant without any personal reservation or doubt of sorts anymore.”

Concerning the god he wishes to name and reintroduce, he said, “God’s attributes were already made known to man. In the Bible, the God of Israel is commonly described as the Lord Almighty but it never discloses His name, character and genesis. Thereby as His Servant, and now His name and character were finally revealed to me most recently, it is therefore my duty to Him to announce his Name to the Nations.”

Servant Israel, as Tony now prefers to be called, welcomes institutional inquiries over two serious claims, namely: the identity (the Name and image) of the God of Israel and, reasons for believing he is the Servant Israel referred in Isaiah.

He also wishes to enlighten and speak to the public through media interviews, symposiums and group conferences.


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