The House of Israel Will Hold Doomsday Survival and Messianic Seminars in 2011

IFUGAO, Philippines – November 19, 2010 – The House of Israel unveiled yesterday its plan to hold a series of seminars on messianic prophecies that will cover discussions encompassing doomsday scenario and survival.

The first leg will start in Banawe, Ifugao in January 2011 and will be repeated across the islands in different camp locations every month thereafter.

Each seminar is packed with composites of practical and indigenous knowledge (vital for habitat survival) as well as philosophical and spiritual/messianic paradigms.

Completion requires a 4-day/3night immersion due to the amount of information that needs to be lectured to and absorbed by participants. Highlights include ‘divine light/merkavah’ cleansing and unveiling of the God of Israel.

According to Servant Antonio Israel – leader of the House of Israel (HOI), the increasing number and emerging telltale signs have augmented the predictability of the impending ‘End of the Great
Cycle’ slated on December 21, 2012 in the Mayan Calendar.

Aware of these, alongside the heavenly specters he witnessed ten years ago, he believes that the time has come to fulfill his great obligation of disclosing to the people the knowledge that was
revealed to him by those he calls “divine beings.”

Servant Israel adds, “I won’t forgive myself if something terrible happens to the deserving people who would perish due to my failure of warning or offering them guidance. Neither my God will absolve my soul if I let this chance pass by without telling what the people deserve to
know. I leave to freewill whether they accept or reject it.”

Servant Israel also stated why the choice of venue is progressively selective. He said: “part of the objective of this in camp seminar is to identify ideal locations where people could seek refuge. I’m certain that a pre-knowledge of some safer ground enhances survivability through better informed decisions.”

He further stressed: “with the concept of familiarity in mind, the workshops have to be done in areas that do not only offer sound advantages but have the conditions closer to ones familiar habitat where participants are expected to gather and act during the actual stages of survival.”

Hence, starting with the Ifugaos of Banawe in January 2011, who knows when one of these seminal undertakings might end somewhere with the company of the Manobos in Mt. Apo, Davao by December?”

Contact: Mr. Chino Revilla – Media Relations (House of Israel)
Mobile: 0905-1774-911


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