Dimensional Encroachment Involving Seven Beings in Priestly Garments (Part I)

I was in Cebu City when a friend Noy Pedrosa sent me this video through my Facebook account. Though I could not understand Hiligaynon too well, it was clear to me that some alien-looking creatures were seen roaming in Brgy. Lawigan, San Joaquin, Iloilo.

With the children’s testimonies, coupled by the cartographic sketches that were rendered, both given aspects sparked the hunch that this might be the starting episode of my personal search for the Stargate. And to make things more astonishing, the relevance of time was a shocking surprise.

Two days before this affair was brought to my attention, I told my good friend Chino Revilla about my Stargate adventure. He subsequently wrote and submitted an online press statement on September 26, 2010, Sunday. And to be honest, I did not have any prior knowledge of any encounter such as this. Nobody in Iloilo even notified me. The only time I came to know about this was in the afternoon of September 28th, Tuesday, when Noy Pedrosa shared this video with me. So I decided to leave Cebu and ship landed on October 1st in Iloilo.

My first visit to Lawigan was on October 2, Saturday. But the folks were busy over an important parish church activity and I was not able to speak with any witness. This time, I settled for information circulating in the community. I also had a brief talk with the acting parish priest, Rev. Fr. Rex Jiloca, who happens to be my brother-in-law. He also had an inexplicable experience, though nobody could tell whether such was related to the phenomenon I was interested in. Nor anybody was sure whether there was indeed an attack, as there was no harm or injury done to anyone has ever been reported.

From Escalantera, I went back to Lawigan on October 4, Monday and spoke first with Jo Ed Alvareza, who, according to the TV report, came in close contact with a creature.

The Third Encounter with Jo Ed Alvareza

Cartographic sketches.

Alvareza said, the cartographic sketches shown on television were based on what he saw when the light came in contact with the face of a strange being. Though the facial features were similar to the description given by one of the girls (Judel Ann), Alvareza stressed that he didn’t see what the girls saw. He got involved only during the purported third attack by a lone creature which was on September 26th and not during the first encounter when two girls Clarissa and Judel Ann witnessed seven beings in their priestly garments, walking on the beach in the early evening of September 22nd. Hence, there could be an error in assuming that the seven figures shown in one of the cartographic sketches was what Alvareza had seen, although it was made known that those seven had identical facial features.

Three encounters from September 22nd to 26th.

According to Alvareza, there were three known episodes in all. To him, all those three were related. The last two events happened in a space of two days after the first instance on September 22, then on the 24th and 26th.

Because of the first incident, folks in the barangay were advised to stay vigilant. Due to the unknown risks they were facing in the midst of another unknown, men were gathered to protect the area for some possible recurrence.

On the night of September 24 between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, a pregnant woman believed she saw a creature sneaking and peeking-in from the window outside her hut. So the woman called the attention of some patrolling men and they immediately responded. Armed with blades and flashlights they searched the nearby premises. Some climbed the hill. A few came down the shoreline, but there was nothing. Neither a trace nor a clue could be found the next morning.

Two nights passed. Between 11 pm to 12 midnight, Alvareza heard a frantic cry from the same pregnant woman who at that time, was inside her hut watching TV. Alvareza responded. With his flashlight on, he glanced upon the face of a lone creature who was close and across to where he stood. He saw the creature’s eyes glowed redder and bigger as the stream of light touched some portions of its forehead.

Alvareza was conditioned to engage. Prepared to chase and lunge the blade when necessary. But he couldn’t move and stood stunned as if some powerful force froze him. He could hardly grasp for air and felt a hard pressure from his throat down to his chest. All the good he could be at that point was to stay stunned and become a witness to how the creature disappeared in a single bound. He said, his eyes nearly missed that chance because it leapt just as quickly that even by a short brink, the eyes would miss where it went from point A to point B.

(to be continued)


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