Search for the Stargate Project

To raise funds to relocate the spot where the divine celestial vehicle/merkavah/stargate might reappear and to secure a safer ground for Filipinos when the poleshift/Planet X flyby occurs.

A Filipino saw and captured in 2001, video images as what his nine years of research would ultimately suggest as the actual representation of an ascension portal or a star gate. His claim is well supported by actual footages of this light vehicle that appeared to him in 2001. Thus far, nobody has challenged to debunk what Tony Israel claims.

To date, the persistent urgings he gets from an unknown telepathic force intensify daily, telling him to locate the spot where the divine celestial vehicle might reappear as the days of the imminent return of Planet X draws nearer.

There are a great number of people worldwide as well as nationwide who believe. In fact, several geographical spots in the Philippines were already suggested by some Filipino adepts. All which are considered worth visiting/investigating for certain probabilities.

“In Search of the Star Gate [in the Philippines]”is a project that will permit Tony Israel – a real person, a non-cinematic UFO celebrity and a living witness of a divine celestial vehicle or possible star gate, to document all salient events that will transpire from the time he bids home goodbye to wherever place his destiny might take him when he embarks on a journey in search for the star gate.

The challenge here is clearly related to the impending massive destruction and how Israel might save some people when this intergalactic gateway is found.

As the task of identifying where it could be located anew might depend still on some unearthly guidance and intervention, this real life documentary will also highlight aspects of his normal daily life as some maybe discernable as thoughts not by his very own but possibly ET-controlled or manipulated.

Clearly, the objective of this proposal encompasses funding and aims to initialize this project at the soonest possible time.

(The Philippine Stargate Search Project is an initiative by Tony Israel)


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