Am I A Reptilian? An MPN Exclusive

Last Saturday (July24, 2010) I was invited to guest in Mister Rey’s weekly show – Misteryo over DZRH 666kHz. (Manila, Philippines). Ada Luna, Mr. Nick de Guzman and I were there, joining our main man Rey Sibayan on board. All of us had a wonderful discussion. Although I was not aware that Ada Luna was already observing me so keenly.

After the show, Ada Luna told me and Rey about the aura she saw . She said, “while I was engaged on the microphone, she was seeing a strong reptilian/alien character speaking in my stead.” In short, what she saw was a different creature other than my human appearance and asserts that I’m an alien.

A brief telepathic session with Luna fortified that belief.

As I was in someway transmitting my thoughts to her telepathically, she rendered what she received and spoke about it verbally to my discernment. On a previous occasion online, Luna already amazed me twice. But the third time was different because there was a person-to-person contact.

Now that some of the salient matters were deciphered, part of Ada’s observations coincided with the comment made by Dr. Jaime Licauco, when I met-up with him in 2001. He said: “Tony, you are an alien.” But at that time, it was still too vague for me to grasp its meaning.

As years went on and through some certain ‘lessons’ I acquired, it slowly made sense. Linking what I was born with (see attached photos) plus my close encounters bring to light what I could possibly be – a descendant of an alien and perhaps from the reptilian bloodline as signs of which can be seen below.

Rey took pictures of my scaly hands. And he’s very aware of the possible relevance or implication. I also told Rey that I have that suspicion but have kept it secret. But it is no longer now, since I entrusted part of what should be revealed to Ada Luna during our telepathic session.

With the initial support I got from Rey, Nick and Ada, I was nonetheless encouraged to post these pictures here and on my FB page. I’m doing this not for publicity but towards paving a path to discovery which in turn may help me in my quest and enlighten us altogether at the same time.


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