Q&A: True Life Stories (from Czarina Calpito of Q11 to Tony Israel)

Q1.Before having any UFO sightings, do you believe on their existence?

A1: I was skeptical about UFOs prior to my experience.

Here are excerpts from an article by Alcuin Papa:
Transcribed in: (https://tonyisrael.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/resident-swears-ufos-are-real/)

“FOR Las Piñas resident Tony Israel, the alleged sightings of unidentified fly objects or UFOs last Sunday [September 3] have turned him from a skeptic to a true believer. All the more since he has the most compelling evidence of the sightings; a video footage taken with his own handheld camera”…..

“Before this, I have seen a lot of pictures of UFO sightings. But I had been skeptical and I had my own doubts. I believed UFO sightings were only 20 percent true,” Israel said…..

But now that he himself has the proof of UFO sightings, all of Israel’s doubts have all but gone. “After this, I’m convinced now. There is no doubt, we are not alone” …..

When queried whether he believed the bright lights he caught on camera were extraterrestrial, Israel said “What else can I say? The footage speaks for itself.”

Q2. Does your first encounter changed a lot of things in your life? Belief?

A2: Brief experiential account/life story:

In a short time I’ve enjoyed the ‘material life’ as I was once engaged in a successful business enterprise. I relied on my intelligence, knowledge and persona that helped me developed my confidence to win. There were times however, as I realized it now, that I went ‘overboard’ in some of my affairs – both personal and professional. Gradually, I lost all those physical/mental traits and qualities, including all the material wealth I once had.

You may now be aware about the extraordinary UFO encounters (of the third up to fourth kind) I had, but not probably much about the changes it brought into my life ten years after. Though the impact didn’t come all at a sudden, the transformation was gradual as in, the assignments and lessons being taught were progressively supplied step-by-step.

Slowly, I would ascend spiritually but my physical needs (financial, family, etc.) would pull my feet back to the ground. I went on attempting to live a normal life and tried to resuscitate my vigor for material interests but in vain. All the while, I have not really been effective all the time in dealing with earthly affairs (job, business, family) in the past ten years, because the thought about UFOs, spiritual and messianic stuffs, etc. have been hovering above my head since the time I encountered them in 2000-2001 (my last encounter was in 2004).
Imagine I went through different career changes that were far off my education and career, previous to my encounters.

The situation for me was so tight that I feel I could not do anything anymore except to pursue my mission because the circumstances are all leading me to only one direction – “pursue a mission” though at times I feel confused and ask: what that might be?

Deep in my head, I know this was something that I should have done many years ago. But I shunned it aside and went on trying to live a normal productive live. The outcome ranged from fair to disastrous that no matter what I do, the situation falls back to physical desperation.

Pre-encounter life status:

Education – College graduate in Marketing.
Job career – Salesman.
Business career – Importer, distributor and marketer of healthcare supplies.
Personal Net Worth: Php 15million
Formal religious affiliation: Catholic
Belief: Christian belief.
Family: Intact.
Philosophy: Wealth creation, indulge in life pleasures as I only have one life to live.
Worldly interferences: sales outcomes, cargo pending release, travel, nightlife, ‘wine, women and song’ etc.
Post-encounter life status

Job career – Radio announcer (2001 – 2007); Tele-evangeslist/Anchor (2001 – 2005 SBN 21, IBC 13); News anchor – RJTV 29 (2004 – 2007); Academic writer – 2007 to present, and Self-proclaimed messianic priest (2010 to present).
Business career – None.
Personal Net Worth: Nothing as in Zero (0).
Formal religious affiliation/Belief: None. Founded the House of Israel, a messianic organization whose belief-base is grounded on correlating mythical and theosophical beliefs with what were and progressively as well as symbolically revealed to me by beings that I formerly believed as aliens.
Family: Intact.
Philosophy: Spiritual nourishment, soul-feeding or prepping the soul fit for afterlife. No material interests except for food and water.
Worldly interferences: family welfare, income and essential needs.

Q3. Aside from taking videos of UFOs, what other studies you do about
extra-terrestrial beings?

A3: On January 1, 2001, a stranger came to my house in Las Pinas. He introduced me to the Bible and taught me the verses where I could seek meaning to my encounter. I started on by reading Ezekiel (he was believed to have seen UFOs) and studied the book of Isaiah – because as the man has told me, my name (Israel) matches what the verses say in the Servant Song (Isa. 49; Isa. 52:13 to 53:12).

After exhausting all chapters in the Bible, still, questions in my head remain unanswered. I spent 10 years moonlighting to and fro for answers. I said moonlighting, because I feel I never had given 100% of my time to search for them. Besides I have that terrible fear of losing ‘family economics’ which drove me to a series of career-shifts and misadventures, though everything ended-up (after 9 years) to the point when I have nothing left but to seek out and ask them (in desperation): Ano ba talaga ang gusto ninyong gawin ko para sa inyo?! (This was around in the second quarter of 2009).

A day later, I had a lucid dream telling me to read something on Egyptian mythology.

Since I would now have the time to spend researching, it was no longer difficult for me to find the corresponding meaning of the graphic symbolisms, UFO videos/encounters, the unforgettable dreams I had and the Bible – with the Egyptian mythology. Alas the vault opened ala abracadabra and it now seems that I have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge.

So what does this mean?

I must hence admit that my earlier notions about them as beings from some intergalactic community shifted to a higher level of consciousness in the ‘divine company.’ What I am experiencing now is the partial but substantial realization of the answers I was seeking for a long time. The manifestations recorded in the materials I have speak more on and about the affairs of the divine rather than matters spoken of them patterned after Star Wars and the Battle Star Galactica.

Dr. JJ Hurtak, a noted scholar and researcher said to the effect that, time is forthcoming for the divine beings to reveal themselves to mankind. The UFO wave in the 50s up to the end part of the 90s (when the metallic types were mostly seen); were of some classification lower than what he describes and expects as the ‘divine class’ which would manifest pure ethereal qualities.

In closing, I believe that what I have encountered in 2001 were extraordinarily of this classification as what Dr. Hurtak describes.

It may interest you to know that the account/video documentation (e.g. divine light) and of the other graphic representations (clues and symbolisms) I have, remain unmatched/unparalleled so far, even as ten years have passed.

By this time, I don’t know what will happen next if I ignore this renewed call. They – the aliens or divine beings as I now would put it, also took a hard effort of unveiling themselves and it might well mean angering the gods completely if I abandon my tasks again. I cannot specifically disclose at the moment what these are about but this I tell, I’m pretty certain it has something to do with the 2012 endtimes scenario/scare.

Q4. What’s your occupation sir?

a) An occasional freelance writer relying upon one client but job contracts are intermittent, unstable. I don’t actively scout for new contracts.

b) Messianic priest engaged in spiritual contemplations in private but ready to announce revelations and actively engage this role at an appropriate time.


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