Oh Lord, not a bad president again. Seek God’s divine intervention now, not later.

The Philippines will sojourn to another period of great uncertainty as it is set to bestow on May 10, the anvil of power upon a contender whose true purpose for running may never be known except to that individual and to God.

And if that person turns out to be a wrong choice, the disenchanted may again occupy major thoroughfares lamenting over the lies, deceit and corruption in the future government. For sure, a major protest action may not be complete without the ecclesiastical convocations for divine intervention – seeking God’s help to oust a bad president.

But how could God respond favorably if His guidance was never sought ahead of time whereas, neither His help was conjured nor has divine guidance been brought to mind prior to framing a decision? Thus, nobody may expect God to intervene over a purely human undertaking and therefore, He could not be partially accountable for permitting an evil-minded ruler to win in the elections though He’s cognizant of the true intent of the heart.

Our modern understanding of God-man relationship places divine action always as a deed of last recourse. Mankind must have forgotten that the first act should involve God at the onset or at the stage of preventing any possible distress from occurring and not when all things have already become frustratingly futile. Hence this early, divine intervention must be sought so that we won’t fall into the hands of an unworthy leader.

Man may also have to be reminded that the struggle between the good and the evil is consistent. Thereby, it does not occur only at that point in time when people begin noticing it. Just within the spectrum of the ongoing presidential campaign, we observe extreme divisiveness showing the righteous supporting the righteous and the avaricious supporting the avaricious.

Compared to the wicked who finds strength in fearlessly touching everything no matter how tricky a tactical ploy could be, the righteous candidate on the other hand rakes-up a pile of disadvantages (translated into weaknesses) that would thereafter push him backward only to be devoured by some evil snare. In essence, those with clean hands have slimmer chances of surviving in a dirty game.

And who should the righteous turn to for strength when a pound-for-pound approach could not be the right solution? Albeit there is one and only mighty counterpart that is no match to the power of man or money but often been mistaken as the final desperate shot – God’s weapons against avarice, greed, covetousness and corruption.

Thereby, that potent tool should be invoked by the gathering of righteous men this early; and not when the election is through. Hence, we must gather and seek the arms of God to work in favor of the righteous and thus immediately prevent the wicked from obtaining further grounds.

With that, I might start and lead a 40-day of fasting and prayer to God for righteous leadership starting on March 31 up to May 9, 2010.


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