Messianic Priest Endorses a Holistic Antidote to Dry Spell.


Messianic Priest Endorses a Holistic Antidote to Dry Spell.

Iloilo City, Philippines – February 26, 2010 – Concerned individuals come forward to offer help and solutions in different ways. 

For ufologist and self-professed Messianic priest named Tony Israel, a holistic approach may solve the drought crisis earlier than predicted in June.

According to Israel, sacred wisdom provides answers to what causes drought, explains why it occurs and counsels on how it can be prevent or averted.

Said he, “Because drought is one consequence found in God-man relational mechanism that is workable, that means, man already has half of the formula needed for procuring the antidote to the dry spell while the other half belongs of course to God who judges whether to grant or deny our petitions for rain.”

On whether he could render divination that will bring rain, Israel gave a remark emphasizing on communal volition and freewill, saying, “I could not do the petitioning alone because the conduct requires a collective ceremonial action.  My role is to gather and lead the humble as well the afflicted, to a house of prayer wherein we would appeal together for God’s mercy and intervention.”   

He attributes his missionary zeal from his previous UFO encounters that he said were parallel to the way God made known His purpose to His chosen servants. He vows to install a sacred adornment which he claims to be that of God’s divine light that also possesses some qualities describing the Ark of the Covenant.

He exclaimed, “People who would come will witness God’s glory in the same way it appeared to me nine years ago. Through our prayers before the tabernacle that we will build, I know God will respond to our pleas favorably. 

Israel now seeks help from individuals or groups to host and build a prayer-tent in Iloilo so that the envisioned sacred assembly could begin as a site becomes available.  


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