Drought in the Philippines and the Sacred Option

Disasters have become more violent and recurrent. As one may observe, the spacing between the days of rest and unrest has narrowed. Three months ago, the heavens unleashed heavy rain at record-breaking levels. Today, drought is here at a time short its prescribed season.

Undoubtedly, a day passing without pouring multiplies the risks we must confront. And because the burden is shared by all, it sounds reasonable for some person or organization to come forward (though unsolicited) and present a conceivable solution that might help mitigate this looming crisis.

For science, drought is caused by the El Niño. Still a phenomenon, man is combating-blind against an enigma.

From a theosophical viewpoint however, recent futile attempts to induce rain only reaffirm the presence of a supreme force regulating the heavens whose authority may no man could encompass.

The Bible and other holy books consider dry-spells not as mere phenomena but as among the critical elements in God-man relational mechanisms that are workable. It constitutes certain divinations that could either activate or deactivate the cessation of providential bounties. Whereas, the context is somewhat identical to the conventions of imposing sanctions or embargo against a stubborn nation, a prophet in his appointed time acts as an the envoy and God’s embodiment in worldly undertakings.

Having received profound manifestations parallel with the way God made know His purpose to His chosen servants (e.g. Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel), I – Tony Israel, do assert that the current drought is an activated spell, bound to confound modern knowledge and demonstrate divine justice often characterized by: rewarding those who trust in Him; punishing those who despise His decrees; loving those who fear Him and, working for those who work for Him.

Therefore, until we urgently commit ourselves to what God requires from us and unless we work our way to obtaining the antidote for our afflictions, expect a more languishing and lingering drought at levels more severe than what is being forecasted.

I cannot go on at length detailing what could be done for it might defeat the purity of purpose. The key towards overcoming this crisis is not by any tactical modes of scare and lure, but to leaving everything it all up to one’s own disposal. The spirit that resides in all of us should teach that, not I.

In closing, be it known that I am offering myself unselfishly as an offering for this sacred cause. Whatever you may decide on and whenever nothing else is succeeding, please remember. The door to the sacred option is open.


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