Merkavah (Merkaba) and/or the Divine Boat of Ra

In the coming days, I will be posting a video of the ‘magnificent” ray of light which appeared to me between the months of April and June 2001. I withheld showing it on Youtube because I wanted to preserve its sanctity and release it only when the proper time has arrived.

In 2001, Dr. Jaime Licauco, a known paranormal expert has told me that the images I caught on video could be the vehicle of ascension – the Merkavah or Merkaba.

After 9 years of search, I learned that such could have also been the Divine Boat of Ra.

I’m wondering if my past encounters with the Divine Light (Merkaba, Merkavah or Divine Boat of Ra), has something to do with December 21, 2012 and the salvation of man.

Displayed manifestations vary as this object undergoes progressive transformation occurring in different stages within a limited time frame. This lustrous light occasionally vibrates as it varies in intensity yielding shapes that are unimaginably awesome.

Shown above is a being as like, taking a peek out from a pinkish-red cylindrical rim atop the divine chariot. Please note that the object stayed afloat across the tree lines and showed no trace or hint of any solar spectrum gushing-down towards the cylindrical bottommost grid. Further still, if at all the stream was coming from a source above the hemisphere, the presence of an apparent “man-child” positioned at the entry-point, such would have disrupted the sequential flow of the beam.


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