Because The Mind Could Only Stretch That Far

The human consciousness is expanding rapidly. Mankind is equipped with modern communication allowing the mind to wander freely across a massive pool of information. Unveiling new discoveries, more life mysteries are unearthed.

But the ever-searching man would always attempt to fathom it. Soon, theories and probabilities from multiple disciplines are developed, then, channeled into the human mind through various media outlets where people receive it.

Though it depends upon the individual which information to accept or ignore, there were tragic events in the recent past that could not be easily dismissed. (Just recently, a shattering 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010 killing over 100,000 people).

Aside from natural large-scale devastations, there were man-made disasters that could be least forgotten: the 9/11 tragedy and the economic crisis of 2008.

No doubt, these bring Mammoth-size perplexities into the human mind. The degree how these events affect the common psyche is relatively scalable to the magnitude of destruction caused by either manmade or natural disasters. Thus, the more massive it gets, the deeper it cuts sketches into our minds. Later, threat emerges as a fixture more eminently found in our heads than in the things we see in our surroundings.

For example, speculations on December 21, 2012 end-of-the-world are expressed not only in different scenarios but also from all angles of our individuality. There are physical, psychological, sociological, spiritual and astral approaches discussed. Whether or not the end will happen as predicted, the struggle has already invaded the hearts and minds of most people.

Individuals would naturally find ways to cure the gap. Either by attracting others or getting attracted to like-minded ideologies, the synthesis could mature into a collective social action. Good, if a resolution is sought through peaceful conventions. Bad, if an unseen force exploits confusion, uses it and restores order after the chaos (ala ordo ob chao).

While the impact of the 2012-threat (others call it a scare) accumulates everyday, the more it becomes challenging for us because of the many time-critical factors involved.

We can never tell when a self-proclaimed Messiah would make a grand public appearance; announce his anointed office; capitalize on the confusion then place a multitude of followers under his control.

From that single standpoint, we could see that the process of expansion in the human consciousness has both the positive and negative considerations affixed to it. Thereby, an individual quest for answers may either result into something benevolent or malevolent for that person. But if pursued by a bigger number of people, it is no longer a household matter for the society not to get involved.

Because of the many opposing opinions, institutional and social interventions may be urgently needed to provide guidance and prevent people from being led to the wrong end of the journey.


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