The ‘2012-scenario’ Convention

Different opinions on how the world might end in 2012 are expressed through different media. The internet is most active in delivering updates. Mainstream media (broadcast and print) perform their share in informing people. Even the movie industry has done that as well.

Whether or not the end would happen as predicted, the struggle has already invaded the hearts and minds of most people.

If it happens, everyone loses.  If it does not, nobody wins except those who designed this agenda benefiting a few.

As the year draws closer to 2012, an individual may observe a sense of personal waning of vigor. Soon, many might no longer continue ignoring this threat as media and peer-talks become more frequent in reminding them.

There could be conferences and discussions on climate and earth changes. But only a handful tackles the 2012 scenario openly in a public convention. And that might be inadequate to diffuse serious concerns and confusions inhabiting ordinary minds.

Indeed, there is an ongoing battle that needs to be won from within and by ourselves. Yet in the midst of the noise, there lies an empty space void of any people bearing a common burden hand-in-hand.  It would all seem that this early, the human population is already manifesting a “to each his own” attitude.

To fill that gap, the 2012 End-of-the-World Convention Tour is being planned.  The UFOSP and  the Civilian Response Against Threats (CRAT) are laying the foundations.  Some organizations have already expressed their participation.

This convention aims to create an opportunity for people to come together and confront a common challenge collectively, peacefully and productively. The objective for convening is to give participants the proper forum where they could freely express their thoughts and sooth down confusion to facilitate clearer thinking and better judgment.

The 2012 Convention Tour believes if like-minded people are gathered in a convention, a strengthening essence can be derived.  It is hoped that this will bring-out perspectives and dissipates unwarranted fears and confusions which no other conveyances could effectively express or deliver except through face-to-face gatherings.

The 2012 Convention Tour aspires to fortify our line of defense against any probable exploitation of our inherent weaknesses as human beings.

Whether it becomes a true or false prediction, the enlightenment that any participant would take home shall become a fundamental tool for managing any arising threat or fear. 


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