The Moneyed Mannys and the Next Filipino Noah. Possible?

Why pick on anyone of these three rich and famous men named Manny (Pangilinan, Pacquiao, Villar) as the next Noah? And none among Lucio Tan, John Gokongwei or Henry Sy; who has the greater financial capability of building an escape vessel in time of the passage of Nibiru (Planet X/The Destroyer) in 2012?

Well, the reason is clear. The former three gentlemen are true “mix-blooded” Filipinos while the latter are 100% Chinese.

When racial instinct comes into play, preserving and advancing the interests of ones own race is very probable. One could not ignore this high possiblity especially when everyone is trying to save his/her own neck.

The proverbial decision by Moses to save the Israelites and allow the Egyptians to drown in the Red Sea is one close example. Moses was raised in a royal Egyptian household but his empathy remained with the Israelites.

Thus, a patron preparing an escape vessel would gladly save the race that best identifies his own.

Also, if I have a choice between a Chinese and Filipino vessel to board on during a critical exodus, I’d rather be with no less than my compatriots.

But the question still lies on who among the three would invest in building a ship that could accommodate chosen Filipinos from all ethnic backgrounds and provide it with all the necessary implements for their survival. Dr. (h.c.) Pangilinan, Dr. (h.c.) Pacquiao or Senator Villar?

Would any one of the three yields to this call for seed funding an escape ship or choose to remain blinded by fame and glory? Don’t they realize that neither gold nor treasure can buy a reprieve during the hours of doom and darkness? Victims of ‘Hagupit ni Ondoy’ strongly attest to that.  Walang mayaman, walang mahirap sa gitna ng kalamidad.  Nagpapatunay lamang na sa harap ng Dios, lahat tayo’y pantay-pantay.

Albeit, I doubt if any of the esteemed gentlemen mentioned here is already aware of the impending disaster to earth by the passing of Planet X.

In case one of them has read or heard about it, did it ever cross his imagination that maybe, he could do something more remarkable and profound for the surviving people to remember him by than politicking or managing an amateur boxing club or winning the next bout?

Surely, deep pockets are not good indicators of ones parallel commitment to saving this great Filipino race but a vision is neither a good one also unless there is adequate materialization in place. Without money, visions are bound to stay stuck in the head of the proponent.

Nevertheless, with or without support from any or all three men named Manny, any Tom, Dick, Harry, Petra or Adelfa has an important role to perform towards the realization of this proposal.

Think what you can do best to best serve the common good. And never hesitate to reach out to any one you think could add realization to whatever you envision.

I have started doing my role since 2001. And I’m reiterating this warning because we may only have some 1074 days left to prepare.


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