The Way It Happened

Sunday – September 3, 2000, was like any ordinary working day for a man meeting a critical deadline.  For some unusual reason, I took out my videocamera out from its  shelf some 2 1/2 hours earlier and started taking videos of people passing by the house between 4:30 and 5:30pm. It was something I don’t normally do.

But  dusk was gradually defeating exposure.  So I placed the videocam on the sofa leaning next to the window wall.  I closed the blinds and took a nap.

I woke-up at around 7:00 p.m. (1900 Hrs. Philippine Standard Time or at 1100 Hrs. – GMT) and pulled-up the blinds to catch some air.  Halfway before putting the strings to halt, I peeked through the opening and saw the moon beaming an unnatural shade.

I noticed two glaring flares emerging from the sides of the moon.  Sensing it strange, I grabbed my camera sitting at arm-length from where I stood.  I rushed out into the pathway leading to the garage, probed the objects and started filming the bright lights.

Upon confirming that those star-like objects were no red stars at all but were moving and behaving strangely, I shouted “Ma…UFO!”  to call the attention of my dear mother.  The entire members of the household and neighbors heard the  scream.

The first two-objects I saw came from the back of the moon. The scarlet glare it emitted interfered with the lunar shade. The moon restored its natural luminescence as quickly as the two objects moved farther from its face.

Shooting and staying steady with the subject were difficult.  The UFOs moved erratically, jerking, floating and jumping in different directions.

After a few minutes of getting used with the pace,  I could film more steadily.  I focused my camera on the bright lights and I saw them pulsating and emitting some kind of energy as it rotates around its own axis. (Notice the floating vessel caught on camera in the upper left quadrant of screen no.2 ).

To the naked eye, the bright lights were red-orange in color.   But the hue shows a bright metallic glow in the footage because the nightshot feature of the camera was on.

One came and another emerged from the horizon forming two lights on vertical path  (see photos below). But after a while, the third one appeared and an L-shape was formed.  The largest and first-to-emerge occupies the apex.   Later I would learn that the L-Formation is one of the famous UFO manifestations in several sightings around the world.

From three emerged to become five forming a letter –W.  According to Mr. Elmor Escosia – Chief of the UFO Investigating Team of the PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) – it was seemingly mimicking the Cassiopeia.  The PAGASA Team watched the video footage in its entire length in the afternoon of September 11, 2000.

Shortly, I was filming a total of six bright lights.   The slide below shows the most number of objects captured in a single frame.   A few seconds after the sixth object has passed above the horizon, all of objects broke-up from the formation and moved to varied directions.

Two of my neighbors said they counted at most 20 bright lights that night.  Jojo and Roel Telebrico who live in front of my house clambered on top of their roof to get a better view.  Some have taken the ridge of the fence across where I was.  “The lights were too high but seemed to move closer to the ground” the two said.

One eyewitness – Violeta Daluna, a Security Personnel narrated what she saw and confirmed that the UFO in the picture below was the lowest flying and the slowest-moving of all she’d seen.

Notice the lights of the object dimmed while approaching at reduced-speed.  It formed a dome-like structure (a UFO feature used by those who dismiss UFOs as hot air balloons) and maintained an obscure appearance in its descent.

The object in focus nearly shut its lights off.  It gave me the impression that it might have dropped something or done some surveillance that it wanted to avoid getting noticed.

In as short as 3/10ths of a second following after its darkest point, it began to glow back, started to veer side-ways, returned to center, tilted to the left and then took a steep-dive. Image 28  was the last frame on this object.  Nobody could tell where it went.

The Flashing UFO

This UFO strobed beams of light directly to my camera lens.  On normal camera roll, our eye lens can capture only two abrupt flashes, but on slomo – seven (7) flashes could be observed.   Apparently, the flash did not come from the subject “in-focus,”  but from another UFO moving around it.

After the last screen shot, my camera went off.  But it did not sustain any damage and was restored to full functional use at restart.  I realize later that I have exposed myself to some unknown risk.  Either I or the camera could have sustained permanent damage had the light that struck my eye through the lenses was meant to stop me from taking videos.


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