Is the truth out there?

(Transcribed from The Philippine Star, September 20, 2000)

Is the truth out there? By Rainier Allan Ronda                                                                                                                

A businessman was able to film what he claims were unidentified flying objects (UFOs) hovering in the sky over his neighborhood in Silver Street, Camella Homes IV in Las Piñas last September 3.

Antonio Israel, 37, told The Star yesterday he was able to capture on video “small balls of light dancing frenetically in the evening sky.”

Israel said the 30-minute footage showed “at times one, three and up to 12 balls (of light) bouncing in the clear night,” and the “show” gave him and his neighbors a “visual treat.”

Israel said he had just awakened in his small office near his home at around 7:30 p.m. last Sept. 3, when he looked up the sky to “gauge the weather” and two odd-looking stars or big red circles” caught his attention.

The “red balls of light, which at times turned to white and yellow, moved around and danced” in the evening sky, he added.

Israel said he immediately grabbed his handycam and ran out of the house to film the “event” as his neighbors yelled excitedly while pointing at the UFOs.

The shouts of Israel’s neighbors could be heard in the background of the video footage as the sight of UFOs made them gasp in awe and disbelief.

Israel told The STAR that the UFOs were also seen by residents of nearby barangays in Las Piñas, and possibly people living in Parañaque City.

To prove the film’s authenticity, Israel said he had shown it to a team of UFO investigators from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), led by Elmor Escosia. 

Escosia told The STAR in a telephone interview they have already watched the footage, but he refused to comment on it’s authenticity until they have made a “thorough examination” of the video tape.

Escosia said his team had already talked with Israel and his neighbors who vouched that the film is genuine and they had seen the UFO with their own eyes.

Escosia said they have not yet “thoroughly examined” the footage because Israel refused to entrust the video tape to them for study.

Israel does no also want to give The STAR a copy of the film, but allowed the paper to take snapshots from the video footage.

Israel said his reason for keeping the video tape is to ensure its “safety and exclusivity” and hopes that a scientific institution, either local or foreign, takes interest in the film so it can be studied further.

Israel said it was an experience in itself watching the UFOs move in the sky, and that it was an experience of a lifetime for him and his neighbors.

“I think those balls of light ere really UFOs,” he said.  “Some people may dismiss our claims as just a fruit of a fertile imagination but my footage will prove them wrong.”

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