Resident swears UFOs are real

(Transcribed from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 11, 2000)

‘There’s no doubt, we’re not alone.’ By Alcuin Papa                                                                                                      

FOR Las Piñas resident Tony Israel, the alleged sightings of unidentified fly objects or UFOs last Sunday [September 3] have turned him from a skeptic to a true believer.  All the more since he has the most compelling evidence of the sightings; a video footage taken with his own handheld camera. 

Yesterday, Israel showed his footage to a select group of newsmen inside his home at 5 Silver St., Camella Homes in Las Piñas.


Israel said that at first, he was hesitant to show his footage to other people because he said it might cause some “psychological disturbance” in some people. Later, he decided to show it for the entire world to see.  “It’s something you can tell your children and your grandchildren later – that you saw an actual footage of UFOs in the Philippines,” he said.

He narrated that on that fateful night, he had just awoke from a nap at around 7 p.m. when he peeked out of the venetian blinds of his den into the clear night sky.

Israel was astonished to see two bright lights appear to the left and right sides of the moon.  When he noticed that they were behaving strangely, he immediately grabbed his Sony Handycam, rushed out into the street and started filming the bright lights which would become his five minutes worth of footage.

“They seemed to come from behind the moon.  “Malikot sila,” Israel said.  The “UFOs” moved erratically, jerking, floating and jumping in different directions.  As Israel focused his camera on the bright lights, they revealed that the UFOs were spherical in shape with a hollow part near the bottom.  He added that the UFOs were pulsating, emitting some kind of energy and were rotating on their own axis. 

Metallic glow

To the naked eyes, Israel said the bright lights were red-orange in color.  But the hue changed into a bright metallic glow in the video footage.  He could not explain.

After a while, one more UFO appeared, larger than the other two.  All three formed an L-formation with the larger UFO on top of the other two.

“From my research on the Internet about UFO sights, I learned that the formation was common,” Israel explained.

Later, Israel was filming a total of six birth lights moving in the sky.  In fact, Israel’s neighbors said they counted at the most 20 bright lights in the area that appeared that night.

This was revealed to the INQUIRER b brothers Jojo and Roel Telebrico, who live in fornt of Israel’s house.  The brothers clambered on top of their roof to get a better view.  “The lights were too high and seemed to move toward the ground,” the two said.

Cresencio Vergara, a barangay tanod in the area, also said that he saw the same bright lights that Israel and the Telebrico brothers saw.  Other reports said residents in nearby villages have seen the same bright lights in the area.

Photographers and cameramen who viewed the video footage said it would be difficult to fake the footage and that Israel’s subject was indeed moving erratically.  “The camera seemed steady.  Definitely, it was the subject that was moving and not the camera,” said cameraman Kim Sorra of GMA-7.

However, GMA-7 production assistant Jason Dinbla and this writer wondered why the footage did not reflect any tie and date as is common with a video footage taken with handycams.  Israel explained that he had turned off the device activating the time and date settings on film.

“Before this, I have seen a lot of pictures of UFO sightings.  But I had been skeptical and I had my own doubts.  I believed UFO sightings were only 20 percent true,” Israel said.

But now that he himself has the proof of UFO sightings, all of Israel’s doubts have all but gone.  “After this, I’m convinced now.  There is no doubt, we are not alone.”

When queried whether he believed the bright lights he caught on camera were extraterrestrial, Israel said “What else can I say? The footage speaks for itself.”


 He is also convinced that, if other people see what he has got in his footage, they too will be convinced of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.  “The proof of the pudding is in the viewing.  It’s really up to the viewer to make his or her own conclusion.  But for me, the footage is convincing.”

Israel also said he is willing to submit his footage to a scientific inquiry by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) or by any other agency.  If other agencies conclude that his footage is fake, or if the lights can be explained somehow by science, he said he would still believe in alien life.

In fact, the PAGASA is already investigating the sightings and has said the lights could be extraterrestrial.

PAGASA has yet to issue an official statement on the alleged sightings.


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